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.:: Emacs project management with desktop-save-mode ::.

I really like desktop-save-mode but I missed something like named session for project management. Someone on stackoverflow felt the same way and wrote some wrapper code for it. Works great! :D

"(defvar my-desktop-session-dir
(concat (getenv "HOME") "/.emacs.d/desktop-sessions/")
"*Directory to save desktop sessions in")

(defvar my-desktop-session-name-hist nil
"Desktop session name history")

(defun my-desktop-save (&optional name)
"Save desktop with a name."
(unless name
(setq name (my-desktop-get-session-name "Save session as: ")))
(make-directory (concat my-desktop-session-dir name) t)
(desktop-save (concat my-desktop-session-dir name) t))

(defun my-desktop-read (&optional name)
"Read desktop with a name."
(unless name
(setq name (my-desktop-get-session-name "Load session: ")))
(desktop-read (concat my-desktop-session-dir name)))

(defun my-desktop-get-session-name (prompt)
(completing-read prompt (and (file-exists-p my-desktop-session-dir)
(directory-files my-desktop-session-dir))
nil nil nil my-desktop-session-name-hist))"

Source: stackoverflow

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